Harwell Scottish Country Dance Club

(we used to be Harwell Caledonian Society)

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Regular Meetings

We are now dancing in the Village Hall again.
We dance weekly on Tuesday evening from 19:45 to 21:45.

This link will take you to the Chilton Village web site.

We are a friendly club and we welcome all newcomers whether expert or novice
– and you don't have to be a Scot!

Oh, and having a number of Scots in our ranks, we don't charge a fortune for our meetings
– 2 for an evening plus an annual membership fee of just 10.

If you are already a dancer, you might like to look at what we have recently been dancing at our meetings.

Please do contact the Secretary (see below) if you would like further details.
Otherwise, just bring along some soft shoes on a Tuesday evening.


Spring Ball

Our next Ball will be held on Saturday 25th April 2015.
We will again be dancing in the Old Mill Hall to Ian Muir and the Craigellachie Band.

Here is a printable (PDF) copy of our 2014 Ball flyer
(it includes the programme and contact details to obtain tickets).

The programme (below) has been set up as a dance list on the Strathspey Server
giving you access to cribs, diagrams and even videos of the dances.
We have the resulting PDF cribs and diagrams ready for download.

1. Maxwell's Rant R323/4L Rutherford: RSCDS XVIII
2. Follow Me Home J323/4L Briscoe: RSCDS XXXVIII
3. Mrs Milne of Kinneff S324S Macpherson: RSCDS Leaflets
4. Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich R323/4L RSCDS Leaflets
5. Seton's Ceilidh Band J644/4L Fordyce: Morison's Bush
6. The Cashmere Shawl S323/4L Boyd: Strathtay
7. The Falls of Rogie R323/4L Attwood: Alexander 1
8. The Flying Spur J323/4L Drewry: Canadian
9. The Belle of Bon Accord S324/4L Drewry: Deeside 2
10. Bonnie Anne J964/4L MacNab
11. Flight to Melbourne R324S Campbell: Leicester 25 & RSCDS 47
12. J. B. Milne R323/4L Foss: Angus Fitchet
13. The Singing Sands S323/3L Priddey: Silver Rose
14. The Plantation Reel R325/5L Moretti: Pinewoods 2
15. Aird of Coigach J484/4L Bayly: Imperial III
16. The Duchess Tree S323/4L Drewry: Brodie
17. Scott Meikle R324/4L McLean: Laurieston
18. Muirland Willie J323/4L RSCDS XXI
19. The Robertson Rant S804S Winchester: RSCDS XXXIX
20. Mairi's Wedding R403/4L Cosh: 22 + 2

If you would like to see our recent past programmes,
here are the flyers from our 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008,
2007, 2006 and 2005 Balls.


Contact the Secretary:

Lesley Austen
11 Corn Avill Close
OX14 2ND
Tel: 01235 533626
Email: secretary@HarwellSCDC.mno.org.uk


Dances written by Society Members

Over the years, a number of dances have been written by members.

Here's one of them dating back to the 1970s:

Hoop Eht Einniw - a 66 bar Strathspey (11kb PDF)

In 1998, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we published a booklet of 8 dances.

Here are the 8 dances as a single PDF file (8 A5 pages)
and a cover sheet if you want to make a booklet.

Alternatively, here are the 8 dances as single A5 pages:
Harwell Caledonian Society
The Shieling
Tea Time
Rimes Close
The Hole in One
The Half-Century


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